The Conservative Party expects a certain standard of behaviour from all of its members and it takes allegations of misconduct extremely seriously.

We hope that Party members or members of the public do not have any reason to make a complaint about a member of the Party, but if they do, it will be handled fairly and impartially.

A complaint will consist of allegations of misconduct or unacceptable behaviour by a Conservative Party member, which has breached the standards of behaviour set out in the Code of Conduct for Members and Representatives of the Conservative Party and/or the rules of the Party Constitution.

You can find out more about what to expect if you make a complaint or are subject of a complaint, how the procedure works and our complaints handling policies in the Disciplinary Process Guide.

To make a complaint, please complete our online submission form.

Please note: These rules and procedures only relate to members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Members and Representatives in Scotland have their own Code of Conduct and procedures to make a complaint. If your complaint is about a member of the Party in Scotland (with the exception of Members of Parliament), please go to to find out more.

You can find our statistics on Member Governance cases by clicking here.

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