Party Structure and Organisation

Almost all of the Conservatives who work for the Party do so on a voluntary basis. They run their local Associations and donate tens of thousands of hours of their time to help the Party. They campaign all year round, delivering leaflets and canvassing voters in their local area. Our volunteers also raise money to run the Party across the country, to help strengthen Conservative voices across the United Kingdom.

Each local Association corresponds to a parliamentary constituency. While Associations vary in size, almost all follow the same structure. Officers of the Association are elected annually to positions that include a President, Chairman, and two Deputy Chairmen – a Deputy Chairman Membership and a Deputy Chairman Political.

Most Associations have officers with specific responsibilities and an Executive Council, which draws representatives from the Wards that make up constituencies.

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Conservative Organisations

The Conservative Party, in addition to its memberships, contains a number of Recognised Organisations. These groups are responsible for representing specific sections of the Conservative Party and have special recognition in the Conservative Party constitution. Currently, the Recognised Organisations of the Conservative Party are as follows:

Young Conservatives

The Young Conservatives are organised at a local level within Associations. All Party members aged 25 and under are automatically members of the Young Conservatives and are organised into branches within their local Associations. Find out more.

Conservative Women’s Organisation

The Conservative Women’s Organisation works for the women members of the Conservative Party, to represent their views to the Party Leader, Chairman and MPs. The CWO provides training, mentoring and speaking opportunities, and supports women who wish to become involved at all levels of public life and in their local community. Find out more.

Conservative Communities

The Conservative Party works to facilitate conversation between ourselves and different communities, to make sure everyone is represented. That includes industry experts, faith groups, diaspora communities, and more.

Our link or affiliate group network is home to many of these groups. They play an important role in strengthening the ties between our Party and communities across the United Kingdom.

If you want to find out more or be connected to groups representing your interests, send us an email today.

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