Helping young people get the skills and opportunities they deserve

The world is growing more uncertain. The workplace is changing, the skills required are different, and young people face new challenges.

So our job is to make sure all young people can thrive, no matter what the world looks like.

If you vote to stick with our clear plan, we’ll end rip-off degrees, deliver 100,000 more apprenticeships and introduce a bold new model of National Service.

Ending rip-off degrees to invest in apprenticeships

We’ll change the law so we can close the worst-performing university courses.

This will free up cash to fund 100,000 new apprenticeships for young people – building on our apprenticeship drive since 2010, which has given over 5.8 million people the opportunities they deserve.

A bold new model of National Service

Under our clear plan, 18-year-olds will have a choice:

  • One weekend a month volunteering in their community, supporting the NHS, British Red Cross, RNLI or other community groups


  • A full-time military placement for twelve months, learning new skills like logistics, cyber security and civil response operations

This means young people will be able to pick up new skills and get on in life. And we’ll foster a sense of duty and civic pride, helping to protect our country’s shared values.

You can make this happen. Vote Conservative on Thursday 4 July.

Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives are the only party with the clear plan Britain needs.

You and your family deserve a secure future. Only Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives will deliver it. We’ve got a clear plan and we’ve proven that we’ll take the bold action required. So let’s keep going.

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