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Our Gender Pay Statistics

Successive Conservative governments have taken action to ensure that the gender pay gap is eliminated once and for all. As part of this, we have called on companies, both small and large, to publish their gender pay gap data in order to shine a light on pay inequalities and the reasons behind them. To comply with this ourselves, we are publishing our gender pay gap statistics here.

As part of our values, we are committed to supporting diversity and inclusion at the Conservative Party. We will continue to take steps to monitor and review progress on gender diversity in order to achieve gender equality across our organisation.

This information relates to the 2022-2023 reporting period.

The Conservative Party has a Mean Gender Pay Gap of -1.8%.

The Party’s Median Gender Pay Gap is -7.9%, significantly below the ONS published gender pay gap of 7.7%.

Pay Quartiles

The pay quartiles chart ranks all employees’ pay from lowest to highest and then divides it into four equal groups, with the first group (lower quartile) being the lowest paid.

Bonus Pay

There is a 1% gap between the percentage of men and women receiving bonuses, with 12% of men and 11% of women receiving bonuses in this reporting year. Due to this, there is a 13% Mean and 0% Median average difference between what men and women received as bonuses.

Our Actions

‍We remain dedicated to working to achieve parity of pay across the Party. Consequently, we are publishing our own gender pay gap data here as our commitment to meet these standards.

As an equal opportunities and disability confident employer, we will continue to take all reasonable measures to ensure that we recruit and promote employees regardless of their age, race, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation or whether they have disabilities.

In order to support our employees at CCHQ we have implemented a series of internal policies which we hope will make CCHQ a more attractive place for all to work, such as our Flexible Working Policies, Parental Leave Policies and Menopause Policy; we hope our Menopause Policy will help to foster an environment where colleagues can openly and comfortably instigate conversations, engage in discussions about menopause, and educate on how we can support the women in our organisation. We know that is a crucial step and an important part of recruiting and retaining female talent within the Party where our ratio shows 72% male to 28% female, this coupled with an attractive Maternity Pay policy we hope shows support and recognition for balancing talent across the Party.


I confirm that the information included in this report is accurate.

Alan Mabbutt OBE

Registered Treasurer and Legal Officer

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