Making Britain secure in an uncertain world

The world is growing more uncertain. From the impact of the pandemic to war in Europe and the Middle East, you and your family deserve to know your future will be secure.

So that means we need a government with a clear plan to defend our priorities, protect our country and deliver the bold action that’s required.

That’s why we’re investing more in the people who keep us all safe.

If you vote to stick with the plan, Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives will increase defence spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030.

This means our military will be able to meet the threats of a challenging world and protect you and your family.

You can make this happen. Vote Conservative on Thursday 4 July.

Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives are the only party with the clear plan Britain needs.

You and your family deserve a secure future. Only Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives will deliver it. We’ve got a clear plan and we’ve proven that we’ll take the bold action required. So let’s keep going.

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