January 08, 2024

We are making progress for a brighter future and we need to stick to the plan

In January last year, I made 5 promises to the British people – we have made progress on all of them:

  • Halve inflation: more than halved

  • Grow the economy: better performance than predicted, outperformed Germany

  • Reduce debt: on track to fall as a percentage of GDP

  • Cut NHS waiting lists: currently coming down

  • Stop small boats: down by a third in 2023


Watch my speech about these achievements here:

We have made progress, and this means that the British people have a clear choice:

To stick with the Conservative plan that is starting to deliver the long-term change the country needs


To go back to square one with Labour where there is no plan and no progress – with increased taxes, debt and borrowing – where the country goes in the wrong direction.


I am determined to confront the difficult problems head-on, governing in the long-term national interest rather than choosing the easy way out.


Progress re the small boats:

Illegal channel crossings are down by a third compared to 2023, and down over 60% in the last quarter compared with the same period in 2022. We are working with the authorities in Albania and France to tackle the problem. And we are pressing ahead with our deterrence plan, so that if people come here illegally, they will be sent to Rwanda. People must know that if they come illegally, they won’t be able to stay. 

We want to stop the boats. Sir Keir Starmer and Labour want to stop the deportation planes.


Progress in the NHS:

With record new investment, we have opened 127 new community diagnostic centres (40 of which have been fast-tracked into operation earlier than planned) and the NHS is carrying out more operations, more procedures than ever before in its history. There are now record numbers of doctor and nurses working in the NHS, and we have the first long-term workforce plan in the NHS’s history. This will allow us to train more doctors and nurses and deliver improved ways of working across the NHS.

And we’re backing public health by creating a smoke-free generation, to put an end to the situation where almost one hospital admission a minute is caused by smoking.


Progress in the economy:

We’re making decent progress with inflation more than halved, debt on track to fall, outperformance compared to competitors like Germany, and wages rising faster than prices.

My approach has always been: control inflation, grip spending and then cut taxes, and that is what we are now doing.

Taxes have been cut for workers and businesses. From this week, National Insurance contributions have been cut by 2% – a £450 tax cut for the average worker on a salary of £35,000. And business investment tax has been cut by £11 billion, the most transformational change we could make for investment and growth.

The choice we will face

My vision is of a country where hard work is always rewarded, where ambition and aspiration are celebrated, where we have security at home and abroad, where young people get the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in life, where families are supported, and where those who have worked hard all their lives have the dignity they deserve in retirement. My vision is of a Britain where everyone is filled with hope, optimism and pride in our great country.

Let’s not go back to square one with Labour, instead, let’s stick to the plan which is already starting to deliver a brighter future for all.