February 19, 2024

Let’s stick with the plan for the economy which is working

We have been working flat out since the beginning of 2023 to halve inflation, grow the economy and reduce debt. And, a year later the situation is:

  • Inflation is DOWN from 11.1% to 4%;

  • The economy has done better than predicted, outperforming Germany;

  • Debt is on track to fall.

And this progress has allowed us to:

  • cut National insurance by 2%, putting £450 a year back in the pocket of the average worker.

  • cut business tax by £11 billion to drive investment in the industries of the future.

The UK now has the world’s third largest tech sector after the US and China, much bigger than France’s or Germany’s, with more than 40,000 new tech businesses created since 2010.

And we’ve protected the lowest paid workers by introducing the National Living Wage, all the while reducing unemployment and giving people the security and sense of achievement which come from work.

Indeed, 800 new jobs have been created every day of this Conservative Government.

And we’re powering the economy of the future by driving up standards in schools so every child gets the good start in life that they deserve. 5 million apprenticeships have started since 2010, powering young people’s careers forward.

Want to know more? Check out our briefing below:

Meanwhile, Keir Starmer and Labour would take us back to square one. Labour have no plan to pay for the 2030 energy promise, which they themselves said would cost £28 billion a year, leading to higher taxes, higher interest rates and a weaker economy.

So let’s stick with the plan which is working to keep building a stronger economy where hard work is rewarded, aspiration to a better life is celebrated, and where young people get the skills they need to succeed in life.