November 22, 2023

What does the Autumn Statement mean to you?

Inflation — HALVED

Taxes — CUT ✅

National Living Wage — UP ✅


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• We’ve HALVED inflation

By getting spending under control, we’ve delivered our promise to halve inflation. That means prices are now stabilising — and families and businesses can look forward to more certainty.


• So we’re in a better position than at the start of the year

Because we’ve halved inflation, we can afford to support families and businesses with the cost of living — and help you keep more of your own money.


• That’s why we’re cutting your taxes

In January, we’re cutting the main rate of National Insurance Contributions from 12% to 10%, delivering a tax cut of £450 a year for the average worker earning £35,000.


• …and we’re cutting taxes for the self-employed

We’re cutting and simplifying taxes for 2 million self-employed people. We’re getting rid of Class 2 National Insurance Contributions entirely, and cutting Class 4 contributions from 9% to 8%. That’s a £350 tax cut for someone earning £28,000 a year.


• We’re also raising incomes for those on the lowest pay…

The National Living Wage has received the largest ever cash increase, at £11.44 an hour. That’s an extra £1,800 a year for workers. Helping more people get on in life.


• …and we’re increasing pensions by 8.5%

Our Triple Lock guarantee means that we can ensure dignity in old age for those who’ve worked their entire lives. This means the basic state pension will be £3,750 higher than in 2010.


What does this all mean to workers?


A hardworking family with two earners on average incomes will be £900 better off


Senior nurses

A senior nurse with five years of experience will be £600 better off


Police officers

The average police officer will be over £630 better off


Junior doctors

The typical junior doctor will be over £750 better off



The typical self-employed plumber will be over £410 better off



The typical teacher will be over £630 better off


Taking the reins off British business

Businesses are the backbone of Britain, fuelling our economy and creating good jobs with decent wages.


• That’s why we’re cutting business taxes by £11 billion…

This is the BIGGEST business tax cut in modern British history. That means businesses will be able to afford to invest more in British workers, grow their businesses and fuel our economy.


• …and we’re freezing business rates

By freezing the small business multiplier yet again, we’re helping the average shop save £1,650. That’s a big boost to the high street. And we’re topping it off by extending the Retail Hospitality and Leisure Relief for a year.


• Backing pubs and hospitality businesses by freezing alcohol duty

Instead of increasing alcohol duty to keep it in line with inflation, we’re FREEZING alcohol duty to help pubs, restaurants and hospitality businesses stay competitive and continue to thrive.

Long-term unemployed to get more help to move back into work

We want to make sure that everyone who can go to work does go to work.


So we’re toughening sanctions on people not looking for work — including mandatory work placements for those who’ve finished training.


But we’re also supporting those who want to work — investing extra funds in Jobcentres so they can provide the help that the long-term unemployed need.

But what does all this mean for debt and inflation?

• Our plans mean debt will FALL

Our plan to get debt falling by the end of the five-year forecast is set to be met.


• …with borrowing set to FALL too

The independent Office for Budget Responsibility says that borrowing is forecast to be lower this year, and set to fall from 5% of GDP last year to 1.1% of GDP by 2028-29. That will be its lowest level in over 20 years


• And we’re still focused on cutting inflation

The independent Office for Budget Responsibility says that our package as a whole means inflation is forecast to be lower next year than they previously thought. Helping to stabilise prices and give families and businesses more certainty.


Tax CUT. Inflation HALVED. National Living Wage UP.

Long-term decisions to build a brighter future.