November 20, 2023

We’re delivering on our five priorities

We’ve halved inflation: priority delivered

Rishi has delivered: inflation has halved

Inflation devours the pounds in your pocket and the size of your pension pot. It balloons the price of your weekly shop and mortgage payments. We promised to cut inflation in half, and we’ve succeeded. Thanks to our actions, this tax on working people is down to 4.7%. 

As a result, families are getting the immediate relief they need, and extra support with our £94 billion cost-of-living package which is worth £3,300 on average per household.

We’ve held down energy prices, a driver of inflation, combatting Putin’s weaponisation of Europe’s energy supply through our Energy Price Guarantee, Energy Bill Relief Scheme, and Energy Price Cap. The Energy Price Guarantee held down inflation by 2.6% alone.

Our tax cuts at the Spring Budget made everyday costs less expensive for families, knocking down inflation further; the alcohol duty and fuel duty freeze reduced CPI inflation by nearly 0.75 percentage points this year, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility.

We took the tough long-term decisions for the British people, resisting calls from Labour to turn on the spending taps of additional borrowing and spending that would only fuel inflation further.

But we know that many are still struggling, which is why we are staying the course. We will not relent until we halt spiralling prices, until inflation is restrained again to the Bank of England’s target of 2%.


But Labour do not share our discipline

Labour are loose on restraint. They are calling for billions of pounds of borrowing per year. Just one of their commitments is for £28 billion of borrowing. Yet the IMF estimate that even a 1 percentage point increase in government spending would increase inflation by 0.5 percentage points. 

While we stood firm against excessive public sector pay increases, Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting said ten per cent pay rises were “reasonable”, pushing for further borrowing to fund pay deals. The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies have stated Labour’s plans would increase inflation and interest rates for the British people. 


We’ve cut boat small boat arrivals by more than 30%

Rishi is delivering: small boat crossings down 33%

We will do whatever it takes to end illegal migration, and the criminal enterprises which drive it. This country is not for queue jumping, and we will stop the unfair crossings that try and circumvent our firm but fair asylum process and the many rightful applicants waiting in line. 


We’ve cut arrivals by more than 30% through action:

  • The largest ever small boats deal with France.

  • A new agreement with Albania, cutting Albanian small boat arrivals by more than 90 per cent.

  • Increasing illegal working raids by nearly 70 per cent.

  • Halving the asylum legacy backlog.

  • Closing 50 asylum hotels, ceasing their constant guzzling of public funds.

  • Passing the ground-breaking Illegal Migration Act.
Emergency laws to start Rwanda returns

Our deterrence strategy is working, but to fully solve this problem, Rwanda is an essential part of that deterrent.

The Supreme Court judged the Rwanda policy requires changes to be lawful, so we are working on a new international treaty to address their concerns. 

We will pass emergency legislation, so Parliament can confirm that Rwanda is safe and people can no longer delay flights. We will not allow a foreign court to block these flights; if Strasbourg intervenes against the sovereign will of Parliament, we will do whatever is necessary to get these flights off the ground.

When people know if they come here illegally they cannot stay, they will stop coming altogether. That is how we will stop the boats.

But Labour’s remain-deal-by-stealth with the EU will throw open the doors to unlimited and uncontrolled migration

Labour have already voted to block, delay or weaken our legislation to stop the boats 72 times, siding with people smuggling gangs over the British people. Labour’s cosy bilateral agreement with Brussels would force Britain to take in 100,000 illegal migrants already in Europe. 

Starmer’s 100,000 illegal migrants…




Labour: a constant drip of the taps on both inflation-boosting borrowing, and illegal migration.


Only the Conservatives can hold these taps tight. We’re cutting inflation and illegal migration. We’re delivering on your priorities for your future. Against all odds and opposition, that is what the Conservatives have stood for and always will stand for. 

Words from Labour: ACTION FROM RISHI