December 04, 2023

Our plan to cut immigration

The UK has experienced unprecedented levels of immigration since the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. We can be proud of our generosity towards people fleeing conflict and persecution in Ukraine, Hong Kong and Afghanistan. But the level of migration is not sustainable.

The biggest ever cut in net migration

Immigration is too high and we must bring numbers down. That is why today, the Prime Minister and Home Secretary have announced a plan to cut immigration by:

  1. Ending abuse of the Health and Care Visas. By stopping visas allowing dependents to come and limiting visas to people caring for people (CQC regulated activities).

  2. Increasing the salary needed to get visas. With 48% increase in the salary threshold. Preventing migrants from undercutting British workers.

  3. Scrapping the use of cut price labour from overseas. By removing the 20% discount allowed for shortage occupations.

  4. Ensuring people only bring dependents they can support. By raising the minimum income for family visas to £38,700.

  5. Banning overseas students from bringing family members to the UK. Closing a route that last year allowed 153,000 student dependants to come to the UK. We will also ask the Migration Advisory Committee to review the graduate route, to prevent abuse. 
Our plan to deliver the biggest ever cut in net migration

We are taking the long-term decisions that will deliver the biggest reduction in net migration on record.

Together this package would have meant around 300,000 fewer people coming to the UK last year. We will bring migration down towards more sustainable levels. All while making sure the NHS and businesses have access to the talent they need.