July 06, 2021

Response to the Singh Investigation

The Conservative Party has a long history of breaking through barriers, and it is core to our identity as a party that no one should be held back or discriminated against for any reason. Regardless of race, background, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation or any other circumstance, everyone should have the opportunity to succeed, and everyone should be welcome in the Conservative Party.

As Co-Chairmen of the Party, the allegations of discrimination and misconduct within our party were deeply upsetting. The Prime Minister committed to holding an independent investigation into these allegations and the Party’s handing of complaints, and we welcomed this opportunity to address this important issue.

We are grateful to Professor Swaran Singh for his dedication and thoroughness in completing this truly independent investigation. We also do not shy away from the fact that the evidence found does not make for easy reading for any of us who love the Conservative Party.

While no evidence was found of institutional racism, it is clear that people have been let down by the Party. We are deeply sorry for these instances and are committed to putting right what has gone wrong in the past.

The Board of the Conservative Party has accepted in full every recommendation made by the Singh Investigation, and the first step in this process is the publication of an Action Plan setting out how we will implement the recommendations. This is that plan, laying out the roadmap and actions we will take together to put things right.

We will be updating our Code of Conduct so everyone is aware of the behaviour we expect of them. We will be improving our communications to members and training our Party officers to enable them to investigate and address issues effectively. And we will be clarifying how the complaints process works and what actions we will be taking at every step of that process.

The Party will also work with external stakeholders to ensure we are held accountable for the commitments made in this plan and are delivering them in line with the timescales and objectives set out.

Our country is so great because of the diverse communities and cultures that thrive here, and we want our party to share in that success. The Singh Investigation has challenged us to live up to that calling, and we are pleased to share this Action Plan and commit to making the Conservative Party truly welcoming for everyone.

Ben Elliot and Rt Hon Amanda Milling MP
Co-Chairmen of the Conservative Party