Transparency Report

Please find here the latest statistics from the Conservative Party relating to Member Governance cases in 2023.

  • Complaint” means a submission to the complaints system.
  • Incident” means an instance of something that is the subject of a “complaint”.

The data for 2022 was pulled on 01/03/2023.

The data for 2023 was pulled on 28/02/2024.


Total complaints721580
Total incidentsN/A522
Total complaints dismissed567474
Total incidents dismissedN/A424
Total complaints withdrawn74
Total incidents withdrawnN/A4
Total complaints resolved at investigation12375
Total incidents resolved at investigationN/A68
Total complaints ongoingN/A27
Total incidents ongoingN/A26


Total investigations20222023
Incidents presented to a panel6068
Incidents dismissed or no actioned by a panel1016
Incidents upheld5052
Incidents ongoingN/A9


For 2023, sanctions are “rounded up” to the most severe of the sanctions issued. For example, if an individual is suspended and required to complete training and issue an apology, it is recorded here as a suspension.

Previously in 2022 this was not the case and all sanctions are recorded. For example, if an individual was suspended, rebuked and received training it is marked as all three. This has created the appearance of the less severe sanctions being more commonly issued.

SanctionNumber of sanctions in 2022Number of sanctions in 2023
Removal of posts120
Severe rebuke55
Suspension of candidature/office62
Suspension (up to 12 months)1811

Time to resolution:

Timeframe (in days)Incidents resolved in 2022Incidents resolved in 2023
Over 3650%0%

Protected characteristics:

These statistics include ongoing cases, investigations, and dismissals.

For 2023, numbers in brackets refer to the number of incidents rather than complaints. If there is no bracketed number, the complaints all refer to different incidents.

Overview of protected characteristics:

Protected CharacteristicNumber of complaints in 2022Number of complaints in 2023
AgeFewer than 10Fewer than 10
DisabilityFewer than 10Fewer than 10
Gender reassignment2119 (9)
Marriage or civil partnershipFewer than 10Fewer than 10
Pregnancy and maternityFewer than 10Fewer than 10
Race5230 (22)
Religion or belief
4230 (28)
SexFewer than 10Fewer than 10
Sexual orientationFewer than 10Fewer than 10

Protected characteristic – religion or belief:

Religion or beliefNumber of complaints in 2022Number of complaints in 2023
ChristianityN/AFewer than 10
HinduismN/AFewer than 10
Islam1214 (12)
SikhismN/AFewer than 10

Protected characteristics complaints progress summary:

Complaint progressNumber of complaints in 2022Number of complaints in 2023
Complaints related to protected characteristics dismissed by the Presenting Officer6360
Complaints relating to protected characteristics which proceeded to investigation5537
Ongoing complaints related to protected characteristics163