7 ways we’re getting ready for Brexit

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel shaking someone's hands during Brexit preparation tour

Within a week of becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson launched into action to deliver Brexit by October 31st. Right now, that means fulfilling the promises made to the British people in 2016 and getting Brexit done.

Here are seven things we’re doing to make sure Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan is delivered and Britain is put back on the road to a brighter future.

    1. The Exit Strategy Committee

Boris Johnson: "We are the Party of the people"

Boris Johnson: "We are the Party of the people ... We will take this country forward." Watch until the end 👇 ➡️Back Boris? Back us today to deliver Brexit: conservatives.com/donate

Posted by Conservatives on Monday, 29 July 2019


Tasked with handling the UK’s preparations for a no-deal Brexit, the Exit Strategy Committee meets twice a week to make key Brexit decisions.

The meetings are attended by six senior ministers including Sajid Javid, Dominic Raab and Michael Gove. Boris Johnson chairs the meeting regularly, to make sure that Brexit preparations are on track.


    2. Supporting all areas in the United Kingdom

As part of ramping up preparations for No Deal Brexit, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a £300 million funding pot to fund extra growth deals across Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

He has also travelled to Scotland to meet with Nicola Sturgeon and others to discuss their needs once Britain leaves the EU by the 31st October and has since visited Wales and Northern Ireland to talk about what more the Conservatives will do to help local communities.


    3. Funding to prepare for Brexit

Rishi Sunak on Conservatives and the strong economy

🗂🇬🇧 "The reason we can do all of that is because we do have a strong economy." 🗣 Rishi Sunak, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, makes it clear on the Sophy Ridge on Sunday show 👇

Posted by Conservatives on Monday, 29 July 2019

You cannot make change happen without appropriate planning and funding. That’s why Chancellor Sajid Javid, on the day he became Chancellor, made clear that all necessary funding will be provided to ensure Britain leaves the European Union by 31st October.

He has also tasked officials in Government to identify exactly where additional money and practical support is needed. That way, when we leave the EU, businesses small and large can make a success out of Brexit.


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    4. The Daily Operations Committee

While the Exit Strategy Committee will deal with large-scale planning, the Daily Operations Committee sorts out the day-to-day essentials of no-deal planning. This is part of the Government's commitment to delivering Brexit by October 31st, deal or no deal.

Meetings of the Daily Operations Committee are held in the emergency COBRA committee room. The room itself is typically used for large-scale emergencies or matters of severe national importance. This is a symbolic statement of just how important this Government finds it to get Brexit done right.


    5. Talking to leaders in the European Union

Boris Johnson speech about Brexit preparations

In the days and weeks leading up to 31st October, the Prime Minister and his team will undertake intensive efforts, talking to the EU’s leaders, to secure a path to a better Britain.

The EU’s leaders have so far said they will not change their approach. However, we are optimistic for the future, while being realistic about the need to plan for every eventuality.

We want a new deal – one that avoids being trapped in an arrangement where Britain is a rule-taker forever. We will throw ourselves into these negotiations with the greatest energy and determination and in a spirit of friendship.

Boris Johnson has already spoken to Leo Varadkar, the head of the Irish government, about the Irish backstop and Britain’s commitment to leave the European Union by 31st October. And the Prime Minister will continue to work hard and deliver Brexit.


    6. The largest public information campaign since World War Two

We will be launching one of the biggest peacetime public information campaigns this country has ever seen, to make sure people are informed about what happens if we leave the EU without a deal.

The Government is hard at work preparing to deliver Brexit by 31st October – but we want to make sure everyone understands what that means. So we will be leading an information campaign to prepare households and businesses for Brexit by October 31st.


    7. Preparing Britain beyond Brexit

Priti Patel with quotation about Brexit preparations

This Government’s priority is to deliver Brexit by 31st October. That’s because getting Brexit done means we can invest in the priorities we all share.

This means safer streets, a better NHS, and more funding for schools. We’re committing to 20,000 more police officers, £20 billion more for local NHS services, and properly funding our schools so that every child gets more guaranteed minimum funding, regardless of where they live. But there’s still more work to do.

Once we deliver Brexit, there are a great number of opportunities Britain can take hold of to better our country. We are going to recover Britain’s natural role as an enterprising, outward-looking, global nation. And this Government is working flat-out to ensure that happens.

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