How we're preparing to leave the EU on October 31

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The vote to leave the EU was a vote for change – that’s why we have pledged to leave the EU on the 31 October: no ifs, no buts.

And the best way to make sure Britain gets a great new deal is to prepare for No Deal Brexit. That’s why we’re working hard to turbo-charge our preparations. Read on below for all the ways we’re getting Britain back on the road to a brighter future through our preparations.


The UK will be ready to leave by October 31


Boris Johnson: "We are the Party of the people"

Boris Johnson: "We are the Party of the people ... We will take this country forward." Watch until the end 👇 ➡️Back Boris? Back us today to deliver Brexit:

Posted by Conservatives on Monday, 29 July 2019

We want to leave the EU with a good deal – one that would be good for both the United Kingdom and the European Union. But the EU currently is refusing to make any changes to the Withdrawal Agreement. If they keep refusing to make any changes to the deal, we will have to leave the EU without a deal.

So that we are ready whatever the circumstances, we’re ramping up preparations for no deal Brexit.

And we’re making sure everyone is aware of what happens in case of no deal, launching one of the biggest peacetime public information campaigns this country has seen. Businesses across Britain will be prepared for what will happen in case of a No Deal Brexit.


What we’re doing to prepare for a No Deal Brexit


We are working with business to secure additional capacity for the flow of critical goods like medical supplies. And Sajid Javid, in his first day in office as Chancellor, made sure that every penny needed for no deal preparation would be available.

And today, the Chancellor has announced £2.1 billion to turbocharge preparations for a no deal Brexit to ensure we are ready to leave on 31 October – no ifs, no buts. In total, that means we have made available £6.3 billion to prepare for Brexit, including £4.2 billion this financial year alone.

Putting this into action, we launched a new £300 million tender working with businesses to secure additional capacity for the flow of critical goods like medical supplies in the event of no deal.

Our Border Force has grown by around 900 officers in the last year alone.

We’re also ensuring Britain is ready to trade with the world as an independent nation, having already reached trade agreements with partners all over the world – totalling around £70 billion of current trade. And Trade Secretary Liz Truss is working hard to strike a free-trade deal with the United States, strengthening the British economy.


Labour would campaign for remain

Jeremy Corbyn would Force a Second Referendum against No Deal Brexit


As we turbo-charge preparations to leave the European Union on 31 October, Jeremy Corbyn is planning more chaos and indecision by holding a second referendum on the EU and campaigning for Remain – three years after we voted to leave.

That’s why only the Conservatives can get the country back on the path to a brighter future.


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