What's your question for the next Conservative Leader?

Live Digital Husting online

Your Guide to the Online Conservative Leadership Husting.

The two final candidates for the next Leader of The Conservative Party will be answering your questions live tomorrow at 7pm. For sixty minutes, candidates will take questions asked by members of the public and answer them in front of thousands of online viewers.

With over three thousand people already planning to attend, this event will be one of the best opportunities to listen to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt discuss the biggest issues of the day, as well as their plans for the country.

The event is streamed live on Facebook and Twitter, and uploaded to YouTube. Our moderator, freelance journalist Hannah Vaughan Jones, will pitch your questions from the feed to the prospective leaders.

If you’re planning to attend, make sure to let us know on Facebook. If you are a party member and you’d like to attend an event in person, you can also check out our Conservative hustings page to find out what events are taking place near you.