Explained: A deal that takes back control

Our agreement marks a decisive step forwardLearn how our Brexit deal delivers on the referendum.
We have agreed in principle the terms of the UK’s smooth and orderly exit from the EU while also agreeing the broad terms of our future relationship as set out in the outline Political Declaration.
This puts us close to a Brexit deal. A deal that takes back control of our borders, our laws and our money while protecting jobs, security and the integrity of our United Kingdom.
It is a deal that brings our country together. A deal that realises the benefits of Brexit and lets us focus on the big domestic issues that face our country.
Although this represents a significant breakthrough, it is not the final deal. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed
The Withdrawal Agreement:
●       Protects the rights of more than three million EU citizens living in the UK and around one million UK nationals living in the EU.
●       Gives us time-limited implementation period that provides a bridge to the future relationship, allowing businesses to continue trading as now until the end of 2020. 
●       Provides a fair financial settlement for UK taxpayers.
●       Ensures no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, with a UK-wide backstop respecting the constitutional and economic integrity of the UK. This agreement legally commits both sides to use best endeavours to ensure the backstop is never used. If either side fails to do so, this could be referred to an independent arbitration panel.
●       This includes a mechanism which either the UK or the EU can trigger to review the arrangements, which could ultimately lead to the backstop ceasing to apply.
The Political Declaration:
●       Ends free movement of people and we will have a new skills-based immigration system.
●       Provides for a free trade area and deep cooperation on goods, with zero tariffs and quotas.
●       Gives the UK the ability to strike trade deals around the world.
●       Calls for ambitious arrangements for services and investment, alongside new arrangements on financial services.  
●       Contains new and specific arrangements on digital, covering a wide-range of areas, reflecting the growth and prominence of global digital trade.
●       Ensures the UK will be an independent coastal state, with commitments to ensure sustainable fishing levels and a new fisheries agreement with the EU.
●       Ensures the UK will be outside the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.
●       Provides for open and fair competition, in line with the overall economic relationship with commitments by both the UK and the EU on state aid, employment and environmental standards, and relevant tax matters. 
●       Commits to comprehensive and close reciprocal law enforcement and judicial cooperation to keep people safe. 
●       A close and flexible partnership of foreign policy and defence.
The country faces a stark set of choices: this deal, no deal or no Brexit at all. I firmly believe that this agreement puts the country on a path towards a good deal that is in that national interest and can put the divisions of the referendum behind us.

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