5 ways we’re helping families with the cost of living

  1. Ending rip-off energy bills by capping prices

    People who stay with the same company expect to be treated fairly. But some energy companies have been leaving people on default tariffs - which can be much more expensive than other tariffs.


    It’s often older people or those on low incomes who are stuck on rip-off energy tariffs, so we’re capping prices to make sure they aren’t overcharged.


  3. Freezing fuel duty - a tax on petrol and diesel - for the ninth year in a row

    For many people, having a car is not a luxury but a necessity. Lower petrol costs can mean people are able to take a job in a nearby town, or send their children to the right school for them.


    That’s why this month, the Prime Minister announced that we’ll freeze fuel duty again - the ninth year in a row.


  5. Cutting income tax for 31 million people

    You work hard for your money - so you should choose how to spend it. That’s why we’ve given over 31 million working people a tax cut, and now over 4 million of the lowest paid workers don’t have to pay any income tax at all.


    A typical rate taxpayer will pay £1,075 less income tax than they did in 2010-11 - enough for a family holiday, or the security of savings.


  7. Making sure everyone has access to fast, affordable broadband

    We set a target for 95% of homes and businesses to have access to superfast broadband by the end of 2017. And we hit it.


    Areas that benefited from the scheme saw the creation of 49,000 local jobs - boosting household incomes and increasing revenues for local businesses.


  9. Growing our economy and creating new jobs

    On average, 1,000 people have found a job each and every day since 2010. Unemployment is now at it’s lowest level for over 40 years. And thanks to our careful management, Britain’s economy has grown - uninterrupted - for 8 years in a row.


    That means that every day, there are 1,000 more people with the pride of a regular wage, and the security of a good job.