More children in good or outstanding schools

The best way to get on in life is to get a good start in life.


That’s why we’re working with schools and teachers. To make sure that our children get the best possible education – no matter what their background is.


When we came to power in 2010, only 66% of children were in good or outstanding schools. Now, 86% of children are in good or outstanding schools.


There’s more to do. But we’re making progress.


We’re investing record amounts in schools – £43 billion by 2020. 


And we’re reforming technical education, with new qualifications called T levels. These will be like A levels – but for technical subjects. They’re designed to help students get high-skill, high-paying jobs.


Because of the changes we’ve made to education, students from all backgrounds are getting better results.


In fact, disadvantaged students are doing significantly better.


One of the reasons is the pupil premium we introduced in 2011.


This is extra money we give to schools for every pupil they have from a disadvantaged background.


And it’s helping disadvantaged students close the gap with their peers.


So do you back what we’re doing on education? Then share the facts about it!