Why the UK's strong economy means more jobs

Together, as a country, we’ve had to make some tough decisions. To sort out the mess left by Labour.

But because of our balanced approach, reducing our debt while investing in our public services, we’ve managed to grow our economy.

In fact, Britain’s economy has grown every year since 2010.

That means more jobs – with the unemployment rate down to its lowest level since 1975. So more people are in work, providing for themselves and their families.


Meanwhile, youth unemployment is now at its lowest level since records began - Conservatives have helped reduce it by 48% since 2010.

It also means less borrowing – with the deficit cut by three quarters. So our children won’t have to pay off our debts.

And it means disadvantaged students are doing better – with a stronger economy paying for better schools.



So the tough decisions we’ve taken as a country are working.

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