1 million public sector workers are getting a pay rise

We’ve announced the biggest public sector pay rise in almost a decade, recognising the vital work that teachers, the police, our armed forces, prison officers, doctors and dentists do.


This year an early career teacher will get a pay rise of £800.


A typical police constable will see £760 a year more.


The average soldier will get a £680 pay increase, plus a one-off payment of £300 this year.


This has only been possible because of our balanced approach to the public finances.



Getting debt falling, while investing in our vital services and keeping taxes low.


Backing businesses to help to grow our economy and pay the taxes which fund our public services.



These pay rises couldn’t have happened under a Labour government because they don’t know how to handle the economy.


Labour would mean more debt, higher taxes, fewer jobs – and less money available for our public services.