Increased pay for NHS workers

Public sector pay restraint was necessary to tackle the deficit left by the last Government.  However, in September last year we ended the 1 per cent pay award policy for public sector workforces, recognising that some flexibility would be required in certain areas. 

Using the funds that the Chancellor allocated at the Budget, we've set out proposals that will see wage rises of between 6.5 per cent and 29 per cent for over 1.1 million NHS workers in England 

This includes nurses, midwives, porters, cleaners and hospital caterers who will see their wages rise. NHS staff working incredibly hard, day in, day out, right across the country. 

We are committed to the delivery of world class public services and ensuring that public sector workers are fairly remunerated for the vitally important work that they do.

This increase in pay is only possible because of the balanced approach the government is taking – investing in our public services like the NHS and helping families with the cost of living while at the same time getting our debt falling.