Our Plan for a Stronger Britain

Plan for a Stronger Britain

With a strong hand in Brexit negotiations, Theresa May can guarantee our economic security and deliver her plan that will:

  • Secure the best deal from Brexit to control our laws, borders and money.
  • Strike new trade deals for our goods and services with new friends and old partners around the world.
  • Back those who want to work hard, by helping businesses create more and better-paid jobs – with new rights and protections for workers.
  • Help more people have a home of their own by building more affordable houses.
  • Tackle the cost of living by capping rip-off energy tariffs and keeping taxes low.
  • Make sure every child gets the best start in life by increasing school funding every year, and provide real technical education for young people.
  • Increase the NHS budget every year to ensure every family has the care they need, and we can pay for and provide care for the elderly.
  • Protect our national security and defences by fighting terrorism and taking effective action against extremists.