At the last election the Conservatives promised to lower the benefits cap to ensure that work pays, whilst protecting those most in need. And now we are delivering on that commitment. A new benefit cap has now come in to effect, meaning the total amount workless households can receive in benefits will be limited to £20,000 across the UK or £23,000 within Greater London.

This is fair to the taxpayers who pay for it and fair to those who need it.

Since its introduction in April 2013, the cap has provided a clear incentive for those who can work to move off welfare and into a job. New figures show that almost 23,500 households who previously had their benefits capped have moved into employment.

Capping benefits ensures those capable of work have a clear incentive to find it, whilst always protecting those who cannot work. Anyone receiving Carer’s Allowance, Guardian Allowance, most disability benefit claimants and anyone eligible for Working Tax Credits is exempt from the cap.

Never again will we return to the broken welfare system we inherited in 2010 - where benefits were unlimited and there was often no incentive at all for people to find work.