The 2016 Autumn statement sets out how the Conservatives are providing an economic platform with certainty and stability at its heart. As the UK leaves the EU and as we begin writing this new chapter in our country’s history, we have set out how we will support our economy through investment, job creation and support for working people.

Our economy needs confidence and certainty. That’s why the Chancellor has set out our clear plans for investment in infrastructure, public spending and the tax system. And we will continue the task of bringing down the deficit too, so that we get the country back to living within its means.

We also need to tackle the long-term challenges facing the country, such as low productivity. That’s why we are investing in infrastructure and innovation to boost long-term economic growth as part of a modern Industrial Strategy.

And for the millions of people in Britain who are just about managing and struggling to get by, we have signalled our support by providing targeted help to ordinary working families. We’re increasing the National Living Wage, worth over £500 for a full time worker. We’re freeing fuel duty for the seventh year in a row. And we’re helping people keep more of what they earn by continuing to take millions of the lowest paid out of income tax.

This is an Autumn statement that puts working people first, that provides certainty and stability and builds an economy that works for everyone.