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Police and Crime Commissioners are there to help keep people safe. 

That means working with police and communities – listening to their concerns and taking action.
And with elections for Police and Crime Commissioners coming up next year, now’s the time to become a candidate.

Q: What are Police and Crime Commissioners responsible for?

A: Police and Crime Commissioners have responsibility for:

  • setting the police budget, together with the Chief Constable
  • setting the direction of local policing
  • identifying problems and taking action to deal with them
  • making sure national policy is implemented locally
  • managing a team


Q: Why should I apply to be a Police and Crime Commissioner?

A: The most important reason to become a Police and Crime Commissioner is to help keep people safe.

The role of a PCC is not operational – they are the link between the community and the police. So it’s a crucial role.

Q: Why is the job so important?

A: As a PCC, your job is to support victims of crime, help to set strategy for local policing, identify problems and make difficult decisions

So it’s a big job. You can make a real difference to the lives of people in your area.

Q: What kind of person should stand for Police and Crime Commissioner?

A: Our Police and Crime Commissioners come from all walks of life.

If you’ve got the drive to help keep people safe – then you’ve got what it takes.

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