Giles Watling

Member of Parliament for Clacton

Giles and his family live in the heart of the Clacton constituency and he has served as a District and Town Councillor for ten years.  He ran the Summer Theatre in Frinton-on-Sea until 1982.

He has fought to maintain and enhance his area and is proud to have been part of the Administration that brought over £50 million investment to the area over the last five years.  In difficult economic circumstances his leadership has brought annual savings of £12 million without the loss of a frontline service.

Giles is the only candidate who will stand with Theresa May as she provides the strong and stable leadership that we need in Clacton, and across the United Kingdom, to get the best possible deal from Brexit, and to lock in the economic progress we’ve made so far.

He will work hard for the people of Clacton, and his priorities are to see the drastic improvements to the infrastructure serving the area.  Clacton is only 70 miles from London, yet the journey by train takes over one and a half hours.  The A12 is known to be one of the worst trunk roads in the country, it desperately needs upgrading and linking with the proposed A120, linking the major seaport of Harwich with Stanstead Airport.  Giles believes these improvements will bring new prosperity to the area.

Having brought up and schooled two daughters in Tendring, Giles is keen to ensure that it remains a safe, healthy environment for all. He will fight to keep the Minor Injuries Unit at Clacton Hospital, recognising the value it provides for residents and visitors alike.

For far too long the Clacton constituency has been overlooked and now is the time put it centre stage.

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