Steven Baker

Member of Parliament for Wycombe

Wycombe Hospital is Steve Baker’s top priority. Having led the campaign to secure 24/7 access to the minor illness and injuries unit alongside our heart and stroke unit, Steve is now exploring ways to restore full-service emergency care in Wycombe and across the country. Speaking in the Commons, Jeremy Hunt congratulated Steve on his “extraordinary campaigning on behalf of his constituents”, adding that he pursued local failings with ”great bravery”. 

High Wycombe’s motto “Industry enriches” is the key to our future prosperity and Steve keenly supports local businesses. In fighting poverty, Steve has provided both Parliamentary and hands-on support to Wycombe Homeless Connection and the One Can Trust. Steve relentlessly seeks to extend prosperity through liberty under the law, free enterprise and a renaissance of civil society. He co-founded The Cobden Centre to promote social progress through honest money, free trade and peace. Steve was previously a Royal Air Force engineer officer and a consulting business software engineer.

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