Guaranteed interview scheme for veterans

We want to remove the barriers that veterans face to employment after they have left military service and support their successful transition back into civilian life.

We are ensuring that veterans are given a guaranteed interview with publicly funded bodies providing they meet the essential requirements of the job.

This will transform the prospects for ex-service men and women, opening up opportunity for them and providing the public sector with access to untapped talent.


Research shows that veterans are discriminated against once they have left the Armed Forces.

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, recently published a survey indicating that 31 per cent of recruiters would feel reluctant to hire someone who had previously served in the Armed Forces. The research also indicated that there was a perception that veterans were aggressive or short-tempered.

Veterans have valuable transferable skills that are untapped by employers.

Many skills veterans possess are in areas where employers have gaps. Deloitte research found that a third of medium and large organisations surveyed have skills gaps in strategic management, managing and motivating staff, team-working, positive attitude and listening skills.

Military personnel are trained and qualified at public expense.

This scheme provides a great return for tax payers in developing the talent and skills already funded by the public purseto keep working for the public’s benefit.

Our solution

We are tackling the myths and stereotypes that might hold servicemen and women back from employment by ensuring they have an opportunity to talk directly to an employer.

Following the Armed Forces Covenant to support veterans, the public sector will take a lead in opening up work opportunities. Research shows that a clear majority (72 per cent) of organisations with veterans’ recruitment programmes would recommend employing veterans.

We will roll out a scheme that has been successful in local government.

This includes Rochdale and West Sussex Council. We aim to build upon this success and have similar schemes implemented across the UK. We will consult on the specific criteria and the operation of the policy with armed forces charities, unions and expert bodies.

Conservative record

We have supported our veterans by establishing up the first ever Office for Veterans’ Affairs.

This is the first time that veterans’ affairs will have to support of dedicated ministers in both the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Defense, ensuring the whole of government pulls together to deliver the life-long support our veterans deserve.

We introduced the first ever UK-wide Veterans’ Strategy to give them the support they deserve.

This will support initiatives such as the first ever UK-wide Veterans’ Strategy so we can give our brave veterans the support they need.

We also introduced Veterans’ ID cards to ensure they can easily access the support and services they need.

The initiative will provide veterans easier access to public and charitable support including healthcare and housing. Veterans’ ID cards will also help GP ensure they can receive appropriate support.  

Under the Conservatives the Armed Forces Covenant was enshrined in law to highlight our commitment to our Armed Forces.

The principles of the Covenant are now part of the law of our land and the value we place on our Armed Forces is clear for all to see.

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