February 07, 2022

Tackling the Cost of Living

28 million households are set to benefit from the Conservatives’ Energy Bills Rebate.

It will cut £350 from the majority of household's bills – £150 off council tax bills in April and £200 off energy bills in the Autumn.

The £9.1 billion policy also includes £144 million in fundings for councils to support more households as well as an increase in the Warm Homes Discount.

This is in addition to £12 billion in cost of living support this year:

  • National Living Wage – increased to £9.50 an hour, a boost of £1,000 per year

  • Universal Credit Taper Rate – reduced and putting on average £1,000 extra in pockets of 2 million families

  • Fuel Duty – frozen for the 12th year in a row, saving motorists £1,900 since 2010

  • TV Licence Fee – frozen at £159 for two years

  • Winter Fuel Payments – worth £2 billion, helping 11.4 million pensioners

  • Cold Weather Payments – providing £25 extra a week for 4 million people

  • Free Childcare – doubled to up to 30 hours, worth £5,000 per child every year

Plus help for families with healthy meals over holidays, assistance for households with council tax and housing costs.

Our energy rebate will help effectively with the cost of living

Our Energy Bills Rebate is the best way to help a majority of households, unlike cutting VAT which would help wealthier households.

It is Conservatives who are getting on with the job, taking real action on the cost of living.