October 03, 2020

We have launched our Blue Wall Fund

We have launched a new fund to give additional support to MPs in the blue wall seats won in the historic 2019 victory.

Members, activists and supporters can donate to the new Blue Wall Fund which will be used to help MPs and their associations who need extra support for campaigning because these are traditional Labour areas with no well-established activist base or campaigning infrastructure.  The fund will look to expand to support other MPs in seats across the country.

Amanda Milling MP, Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party, said that the Blue Wall Fund will “help support these new MPs to campaign and win future elections.”

Opening Conservative Virtual Party Conference, the Co-Chairman said the fund will help to cement the blue wall for the next election and reinforces the Conservatives’ commitment to delivering for the people who put their faith in them in 2019.

The fund will provide MPs with extra support ahead of future elections.  

Members, activists, and supporters will be able to start donating online to the fund from Saturday 3rd October.

Commenting, Amanda Milling MP, Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party, said:

The Blue Wall Fund is a chance not just for the Party but for all Conservative supporters to play a part in cementing the blue wall as the Conservative government works to deliver on the commitments made to people at the last election.

People put their faith in us in 2019 and this fund will help these seats to deliver positive change for their constituents as part of our work to build a bigger, better and stronger Party in these Labour strongholds.

The Conservative Party is fully committed to building up an even bigger support network for our Party so we can build back better and tackle the long-standing inequalities and unresolved challenges faced by people across the UK.