October 01, 2020

Black History Month 2020

Today marks the start of Black History Month, where we celebrate the historical impact that black people have had on our country, and around the world.

The contributions that black communities have made have been integral in shaping the vibrant and culturally diverse society we all enjoy today – and it is vital we take this opportunity to reflect on the achievements of Black Britons over many generations.

Though Black History Month was originally founded in the US, its reach has expanded to other parts of the world that have benefitted immensely from the influence and successes of black people.

Black History Month is now recognised internationally and has been celebrated in the UK for over 30 years – but events in 2020 have shown that acknowledgement alone is not enough, there is still more work to do.

In a message today, the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of remembering that black and British history are one and the same – and that knowing this is essential in understanding our past and our present.

That is why the Conservative Party is committed to tackling racial discrimination by working to bring communities together and ensuring fairness is at the heart of everything we do.

We want our party, and our Government to represent modern Britain – a diverse and tolerant country with confidence in its own identity and values, where everyone can reach their full potential.

And so, during Black History Month we are proud to shine a light on the important contributions made by our black party members, councillors, MPs and others in the name of equality and inclusion.