May 2018 Members Poll Results

May Members Poll: Conservative Values
Your Feedback


Last month, we asked you which Conservative values matter most to you.


We had a brilliant response – with over 4,000 members filling in our survey.


And here’s the first thing we learned.


ALL of the Conservative values identified by the Conservative Policy Forum were seen as important. Every single option received a score of at least seven out of ten.


But there are four top values according to members – each of which received a score of over nine out of ten.


So we wanted to explain how those four values are reflected in the work this Government is doing. The work supported by your subscriptions.


·        Members support pro-enterprise policies.


We’re backing businesses across the country – making sure they get the support they need.


Like cutting corporation tax by 9% since 2010. Showing that Britain is open for business.


Or making work pay, by raising the tax-free personal allowance to £11,850. Saving the average worker £1,075.


·        Members support pro-freedom policies.


Free speech is fundamental to Britain.


It guarantees debate. It lets people change their minds. It is the basis of a free society.


That’s why we’re protecting free speech wherever it’s under threat.


Like stepping up our speaker programme in universities.


So students always get a chance to hear Conservative voices.


·        Members support pro-defence policies.


Our military keeps us safe. They let us go about our daily lives, knowing we’re defended.


That’s why we’re meeting our NATO pledge to spend at least 2% of our GDP on defence.


And it’s why we’re investing in high-tech military equipment. Like our new F-35 combat aircraft – which have already started arriving in the UK.


Making sure our country is as protected as possible against all threats.


·        Members support pro-justice policies.


The police and intelligence agencies must always get the support they need to do their jobs.


That’s why we’re investing £40 million in a Serious Violence Strategy. Helping police and intelligence agencies get the resources they need.


And with crime down by a THIRD since 2010, our policies are working.




Thank you again for taking part in this survey. Knowing your views about policy helps us learn and grow as a party.


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