Gender Pay Statistics

  • As Theresa May made clear in her first speech as Prime Minister, our mission to build a country that works for everyone means tackling burning injustices such as the gender pay gap.


  • Over the past 8 years, successive Conservative governments have taken action to make sure the gender pay gap is eliminated once and for all. As part of this, we have called on companies, both small and large, to publish their gender pay gap data in order to shine a light on pay inequalities and the reasons behind them.


  • We are proud that we have abolished the median gender pay gap at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters. When using this measure, our figures show that women earn more than men do. We will continue to take steps to monitor and review progress on gender diversity in order to achieve gender equality across our organisation.


Key facts


  • We are proud that at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters the median gender pay gap is -15.7 per cent. This means that on this measure, women are paid on average 15.7 per cent more than men are. This bucks the national trend.


  • The mean gender pay gap is 1.5 per cent. This again bucks the national trend.


  • A higher percentage of women received bonuses than men. The bonus pay gap can be partly attributed to the fact that there are more men than women in the top quartile of our organisation. Bonuses were awarded as a percentage of salary.


  • We are also publishing figures on the number of male and female staff by pay quartile.


Hourly rate

Difference Mean


Difference Median


Bonus pay

Difference Mean


Difference Median


Male recipients


Female recipients


Lower quartile





Lower middle quartile





Upper middle quartile





Top quartile







  • In addition to publishing the gender pay gap data that we are required to by law, last month we published figures on pay by band. Female employees are paid slightly more than their male colleagues in three out of the four bands. We are proud that across all bands we have almost closed the pay gap and we are keen to make more progress.


Director or equivalent

Percentage difference


Senior Manager, Deputy Director or equivalent

Percentage difference


Manager or equivalent

Percentage difference


Executive Officer or equivalent

Percentage difference





  • We are publishing this data in advance of our submission deadline, of 4 April 2019.


  • These figures refer to the Conservative Campaign Headquarters, including field and regional staff employed by the Conservative Party, including those in Wales and Scotland. It does not include those directly employed by associations, or by MPs.


  • Where a figure is negative, it means women get paid more than men do when using that specific measure.