Donor Clubs

Unlike Labour, the Conservative Party is not funded by the Trade Unions. Instead, we rely on the generosity of our committed supporters to maintain a highly effective campaign operation at Campaign HQ.

By joining Party Patrons - or any of our donor clubs - and making a regular contribution by direct debit you will be helping our campaign team to further harness our recent gains in the marginal seats and help us to victory in the General Election.

For more information please call 0207 984 8071.

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Party Patrons

Party Patrons

Join Party Patrons for a monthly donation of £50

Please join Party Patrons to help us defeat the rise of socialism

Labour has said that they would turn their backs on our nuclear deterrent, abolish our armed forces and has openly sympathised with terrorist groups who seek to destroy our way of life. Their policies for the continued economic recovery of our great nation should make alarm bells ring.

Labour are steadily building an army of far left-wing supporters and we should ignore this at our peril.

Our broad-based fundraising needs to be extended to every region. You may not have the time to regularly campaign but by joining Party Patrons you will be making a real financial commitment that will directly help us return a Conservative Government.

Please consider joining Party Patrons, we need your help.

Who are Party Patrons Members?

  • Committed Conservative supporters with a desire to helping us defeat Labour at every election.
  • Local constituency supporters who also want to ensure that the central Party has adequate resources to develop policy and campaign in our target seats.
  • Business professionals alarmed by Labour’s left wing rhetoric who want to get more involved.
  • Supporters interested in meeting the Party’s key politicians at two Party Patrons events every year.
  • Conservatives willing to commit to donating £50 a month to Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

We encourage all members to pay by direct debit. This allows the Party to collect regular income that we can rely on when we plan our campaigns.

Join Party Patrons online or call Treasurers on 020 7984 8071.




Annual membership: £300 

Young professionals under the age of 40 who have an interest in meeting like-minded supporters of the Party through members' only networking and social events. Formal discussions, panel events and informal drinks receptions are held in varied and exclusive venues around central London and are often hosted by key figures in politics, business, industry, the arts and beyond.

Join Fastrack online or call Treasurers on 0207 984 8071.


Chairman's Club

Chairman's Club

Annual membership: £2,000 Chairman: John Maxted

The principal group of donors who support and market the Party’s policies in Government, by hearing them first hand from the Leader and key Conservative politicians through a lively programme of drinks receptions, dinner and discussion groups.

Join Chairman's Club online.


Business & Entrepreneurs Forum

Business and Entrepreneurs Forum

Annual membership: £3,000  Chairman: Sam Singh

The Business and Entrepreneurs Forum is a focussed group of individuals, working in Finance, Law, Advertising, New Media, Headhunting, Property, Manufacturing and Industrial services. Many are small business people dedicated to supporting the Conservative Party in its quest to springboard commerce and entrepreneurship across the UK and to create an environment in which wealth creation and economic growth in the private sector can flourish.

The Forum meets monthly to listen to politicians, economists and practitioners speak on a variety of business related subjects. The ambition is to ensure that the only genuinely pro-business Party wins the next General Election.

Join the Business & Entrepreneurs Forum online.


The Front Bench Club

The Front Bench Club

Annual membership: £5,000 Chairman: Michael Slade 

For those with a deep interest in politics and current affairs who want to make a serious contribution to our Party. Members have the opportunity to meet and debate with MPs at a series of political lunches and receptions held throughout the year. Members will also be invited to all Team 2000 club events and other social events.

Join the Front Bench Club online.


The Renaissance Forum

Renaissance Forum

Annual membership: £10,000 Chairman: Lord Borwick

For our closest supporters to enjoy dinners and political debate with eminent speakers from the world of business and politics. Members are invited to all Team 2000 events.


Treasurers' Group

Treasurers' Group

Annual membership: £25,000 Chairman: Dominic Johnson

The Treasurers' Group is aimed at substantial financial supporters with a keen interest in politics. Members are invited to join senior figures from the Conservative Party at dinners, lunches, drinks receptions, election result events and important campaign launches.


The Leader's Group

The Leader's Group

Annual membership: £50,000 Chairman: Howard Leigh

The Leader’s Group is the premier supporter Group of the Conservative Party. Members are invited to join Theresa May and other senior figures from the Conservative Party at dinners, post-PMQ lunches, drinks receptions, election result events and important campaign launches.

Click here to view the register of major donors attending Leader's Group meals, Q1 2017.

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