The Conservative Party Archive (CPA) is the official archive of the Conservative Party and exists solely to preserve the records of the Conservative Party and to facilitate research into the Party’s history.


It is the essential resource for anyone interested in the history of the Party – its election campaigns, policy development, and organisation – as well as being relevant for Party members at all levels who wish to understand how the Party came to stand for what it does today and how its policies have evolved over time.


The CPA consists of the original committee minutes and working papers generated by all areas of the Conservative Party – its MPs in Parliament, its grassroots activists around the country, its professional headquarters (Conservative Central Office, now CCHQ), and Conservative Party-affiliated groups and think tanks – dating from 1867 to the present day. In addition, this unique and unrivalled collection includes historic election posters and memorabilia, Party newsletters and pamphlets, press releases and speech transcripts, photographs and film footage, all of which has been selected for permanent preservation.


Currently comprising some 7,500 boxes of paper records and approximately 15 TB of digital data, the CPA represents the largest archive of any political party in Europe and is growing steadily year-on-year.


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