Become a
Business Member
of the
Conservative Party

We want Britain to be the best country in the world to start and grow a business – a place where entrepreneurs know they can build on their ideas and find success.
Business Membership gives you the opportunity to ensure the Party, its values and policies are rooted in the businesses that are the backbone of Britain.

Conservative Party Business Membership entitles you to:

Tell us what you think: Take part in four video conferencing calls a year with senior members of the party to discuss business issues.

Stay up-to-date: A weekly Business Briefing from the Conservative Research Department, including a look at the week in politics and its effect on the business community.

Get answers to your questions: A monthly conference call with Conservative Research Department experts, so you can ask about how what’s going on will shape your business.

Tell us how your business is doing: Participate in the quarterly Business Sentiment Index tracker survey so we know your views on the party and the economy.

Get an invite to important events: You can be in the audience for any business-related speeches in your region. So you hear first-hand our plans to support British businesses.

In order to access this bespoke membership, you must be:

  • An existing member of the Conservative Party.  If you are not already a member of the Conservative Party, sign up today by clicking here.
  • The owner of a business or businesses, none of which have more than 249 employees.
  • The business(es) must be registered in the UK with Companies House, or you must be a sole proprietor.