Tackling the
cost of living

Due to Putin’s barbaric war and the pandemic, high inflation is affecting people globally. We are supporting the British people with a generous package of measures to help with the cost of living at this difficult time.

£94 billion cost of living support package

This will help millions, including extra support for the most vulnerable: low income households, pensioners and disabled people

Energy Price Guarantee

Extending the Energy Price Guarantee at the current level until the end of June 2023 and keeping the Guarantee in place until 2024, helping every household – by keeping typical household bills to £2,500

National Insurance Contributions cut

Putting more money in your pocket by cutting NICs by 1.25% – saving 27.8 million an average of £330 in 2023-24

National Living Wage up by £1,600

The largest increase in history – more than 2 million low paid workers will benefit from a new hourly rate of £10.42

Pensions Triple Lock protected

Delivering the security pensioners deserve, the State Pension increased by 10.1% in April – the biggest cash increase in the State Pension ever

Keeping our
streets safe

We are giving our police the powers and resources they need to cut crime, with recruitment of extra police officers and substantial investment to tackle national priorities, while ensuring local accountability via elected Police and Crime Commissioners.

Recruiting 20,000 new police officers

Delivering on our manifesto commitment, we’ve recruited an additional 20,951 officers – backed by an investment of £540 million – so we now have more police than ever before

Backing police budgets with £17 billion

Including over £1 billion for Counter Terror policing and £1.4 billion to combat child sexual abuse, county lines drugs crime, and modern slavery

Protecting front-line emergency workers

Mandatory life sentences for killers of emergency workers and longer maximum sentences for assault of an emergency worker

Violence Reduction Units and ‘hotspot policing’

This initiative resulted in 49,000 fewer incidents of violence, compared with areas that didn’t – preventing untold misery

£796 million for Police and Crime Commissioners

Ensuring our communities have strong, locally accountable policing across England and Wales

our NHS

We are putting health and social care on a sustainable financial footing so that our NHS is there for future generations. We are also reforming the NHS to make it less bureaucratic, more accountable, and more integrated while boosting funding. And we are tackling the backlog from the pandemic.

Increasing NHS funding for the next three years

On top of previously announced increases, we are providing extra funding of £6.6 billion for the NHS and £7.5 billion for adult social care for the next three years – taking total health spending to £192 billion per year

£3.7 billion hospital building programme

We are building 40 hospitals by 2030, and opening up to 160 new Community Diagnostic Centres by 2025

Cutting Covid-19 backlogs

Launching the biggest catch-up programme in the NHS’s history, with around 9 million more checks, scans and procedures by 2026

Recruiting more doctors and nurses

The latest data shows we have a record 1.2 million full-time equivalent staff in the NHS in England – over 34,000 more people compared to a year ago, including almost 4,000 more doctors and over 9,300 more nurses

Reforming health and social care

Reducing bureaucracy, helping to plan health and care services around patients’ needs, and making NHS England more accountable to taxpayers


We believe the best way to level up and deliver social progress is to give every child a world-class education. Consequently, we are delivering the biggest boost to school funding in a decade, setting up hundreds of free schools, and ensuring pupils with Special Educational Needs are not left out.

Education funding boosted by an additional £14.4 billion over three years

The biggest school funding increase in years means every primary school will receive at least £4,405 per pupil, and every secondary school at least £5,715 per pupil, an uplift of over £1,500

Helping schools with rising costs by boosting school budgets by £4 billion over two years

We are delivering £4 billion in additional funding for schools over the next two years to help schools with rising costs as a result of inflation

Tripling investment in Special Educational Needs infrastructure

We are building additional SEN and social care places, to help every young person fulfil their potential no matter what their circumstances; there will be 35 new special free schools for SEN pupils

Education Investment Areas and a new levelling up premium

EIAs will ensure talented pupils can succeed wherever they are. The premium is worth up to £3,000 per teacher, supporting recruitment and retention of teachers in shortage subjects and in the schools that need them most

Education Recovery Plan worth £5 billion

The Plan helped pupils recover from lost learning during the pandemic. It included tutoring for around 6 million pupils and over £200 million for summer schools. There was £400 million to boost remote education, including 1.3 million devices for students most in need

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