Nick De Bois

Nick de Bois

Candidate for Enfield North

Since you elected me in 2010, I’ve done all I can to create jobs, cut crime and stand up for hardworking people in our constituency.

I was the first MP to host a jobs fair, bringing local employers and jobseekers together to help people find work and enjoy the financial security of a pay packet each month.

I’m also a keen champion of apprenticeships. I’ve worked with Johnson Matthey in Brinsdown and other large employers to encourage them to take on apprentices and help young people kick-start their careers.

Back in 2010, knife crime was a major problem in our area. But by working with local campaigners and the Sun newspaper, I secured a change in the law to introduce tougher mandatory sentences for those brandishing a knife in a threatening or dangerous fashion

An active local campaigner and constituency MP, I will continue to ensure that I’m Enfield's independent-minded voice in Westminster, representing the views of local people.

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