Matthew Maxwell Scott

Candidate for Carshalton and Wallington

Matthew lives in Carshalton and is campaigning to make his area a better place to live and work. That includes enhancing health services such as St Helier Hospital, which, like all residents, Matthew and his young family rely on. He wants to ensure all children get a good school place, something under threat because of poor local council planning. On this and many other issues Matthew is determined to stand up to the local authority whenever it gets things wrong. That includes selling off local heritage buildings on the cheap and failing to ensure that either the area's history or the taxpayer get a fair deal. As a commuter, Matthew also knows the pressure put on local families, workers and businesses by the inadequate services provided by Southern Rail and will seek constructive, long-term solutions to the problems. Finally, Matthew will champion the green spaces in Carshalton and Wallington and provide proper scrutiny of the new incinerator being built in the constituency against local wishes.

In parliament Matthew will give his constituents a strong voice but also work with Conservative colleagues to ensure the whole country gets the robust economy, effective public services and successful Brexit deal it needs.

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