Glyn Davies

Candidate for Montgomeryshire

Glyn is a man of the Welsh countryside, born and bred on a family farm near the Montgomeryshire village of Castle Caereinion. He and his wife Bobbie live at Cil Farm, Berriew. They have four children and two grandchildren, Ffion and Darragh. When not campaigning hard in support of local issues, Glyn likes to relax by playing golf.

Glyn’s Experience

Glyn has been chairman of Montgomeryshire District Council, the Development Board for Rural Wales, and was a Member of the National Assembly for Wales for 8 years. He has also served as a member on the Wales Tourism Board and the board of the Welsh Development Agency.

A number of years ago, Glyn was struck by a serious illness which is why, he explains, “health issues dominate my interests”. He spends a lot of time supporting cancer awareness, and those suffering from dementia and renal failure. He holds a keen interest in mental health issues and is the President of the local Parkinson’s Disease Society.

Glyn, working with a team of Conservative Councillors, works hard to help constituents with important local issues such as transport and business. He can often be found raising money for charity and works hard for the constituents of Montgomeryshire. During the 2010 General Election, his personal campaign slogan was ‘Because Montgomeryshire Deserves Better’, and he firmly believes that the people of Montgomeryshire need proper representation from a full-time MP.

In recent years, Glyn has learned to speak Welsh and is now fully bilingual.

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