Laura Sandys

Laura Sandys

Member of Parliament for South Thanet

Laura and her husband Randolph Kent live in Ramsgate. Laura has been working in South Thanet to deliver better public services, attract new businesses to the area, support many local voluntary groups and campaign for the elderly.

Having started work at 17 she has had a wide range of experiences from running two small businesses, working on environmental issues nationally and internationally, and being a strong voice for urban regeneration and conservation.

Laura was Deputy Chairman of the Civic Trust that represented the civic societies across the country. She was a Trustee of Open University, one of Britain’s great institutions, and she was also Chairman of openDemocracy.

She was recently appointed as President of the Kent Federation of Amenity Societies.

Laura's Experience

Laura has been an active member of the Conservative Party since she was born, first campaigning in a pram that was emblazoned with Conservative posters!

Laura was a member of David Cameron’s Democracy Taskforce that has advised the Conservative Party on how to restore trust and transparency to the heart of our constitution. She was also a member of the Quality of Life Taskforce. She has been working with the Conservative Defence Team on Energy Security and she speaks regularly on issues relating to small businesses, care of the elderly, and defence policy.

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