Neil Carmichael

Neil Carmichael

Member of Parliament for Stroud

I’m devoted to the Stroud Valleys and Vale and I will stop at nothing to further enhance the quality of life already enjoyed by so many people.

As your MP, I’ve worked hard to improve and protect our community by:

  • Standing up for the elderly and supporting the local services they rely on, including rural post offices and public transport routes
  • Defending our countryside from unwanted development – to protect our beautiful green areas for this generation and our children
  • Organising my annual Festival of Manufacturing and Engineering – to help young people develop their careers and support small businesses, the lifeblood of our local economy

In this Parliament, I will:

  • Fight for more investment in local infrastructure, including roads, rail and broadband
  • Help create more jobs and higher salaries by promoting investment in new technologies
  • Ensure our schools and hospitals are properly funded – so our community has the services we need

Over the next five years, I'll work tirelessly to deliver on these commitments and more for the people of Stroud.

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