Kelly Tolhurst

Member of Parliament for Rochester and Strood

I’ve lived and worked here all my life.

I grew up around my dad’s boatbuilding business on Manor Lane in Borstal, went to the old Chapter High School, and now run my own small business in Rochester.

I first got involved in local politics after campaigning with residents to stop Borstal Recreation Ground from being lost to development, and before being elected MP represented Rochester West as a member of Medway Council.

I’m proud of my hometown and have a six-point plan to secure a better future for Rochester and Strood – real action on immigration; safer streets; housing development that works for us; the new jobs and infrastructure our community needs; better local schools; and a commitment to get Medway Hospital out of Special Measures as soon as possible.

Read my 6-point plan for Rochester and Strood.

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