Chloe Smith

Member of Parliament for Norwich North

Chloe has worked hard for everyone both at home in the community and in Westminster.

She has helped hundreds of young people in Norwich get into work through her ‘Norwich for Jobs’ project. This means hundreds of people are taking home a pay packet and learning vital skills for their future. Chloe has worked to secure road and rail improvements for Norwich, and she’s helped thousands of people confidentially in the last five years.

Chloe grew up in Norfolk and loves Norwich, where she lives. She understands the issues that concern you because they also concern her. 

With your support, she will continue to: 

  1.  Be here for you in the community
  2.  Stand up for the next generation
  3.  Work hard to help families and the elderly
  4.  Safeguard the national economic recovery and support our local business and jobs
  5.  Get results for all of us and stick up for Norwich
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