Nigel Mills

Nigel Mills

Member of Parliament for Amber Valley

It’s been a privilege to serve as the MP for Amber Valley since 2010.

As someone who’s lived here all my life, I know what a great place it is, and also what needs to be done to make it even better.

Since the last election, I’ve worked to improve local services, attracted investment and jobs, and opposed inappropriate development in our countryside. I’ve also hosted two jobs fairs, bringing together local employers and jobseekers. At each event, around 100 people found a job opportunity, the vital first step towards financial security.

In Parliament, I've stood up for your right to have a say on Britain's membership of the EU by supporting a referendum on Europe.

We’ve made progress on the issues that matter in Amber Valley – sorting out the economy, tackling the deficit, reforming welfare to make work pay, and improving schools to give our children the best chance in life.

But there’s much more to be done. In this Parliament, I'll continue to work hard for you and help secure a better future for our area.

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