David Lidington

David Lidington

Member of Parliament for Aylesbury

David has a long standing passion for history, and thinks that Tudor court politics is a pretty good guide to life in Westminster today. David's historical knowledge contributed to his double success in University Challenge having twice captained a champion team, first in 1979 and then in 2002, when the Sidney Sussex team became "champion of champions". 

David worked for BP and RTZ before spending three years as Special Advisor to Douglas Hurd in the Home Office and Foreign Office. In dealing with constituency casework, David believes that every constituent has the right to expect their views to be represented to the appropriate authority. 

During his time as MP for Aylesbury David has dealt with many thousands of individual problems raised in correspondence or at his regular constituency surgery. Casework includes subjects as diverse as housing, welfare benefits, immigration and asylum, tax, child support payments, allocation of school places, anti-social behaviour, planning, the local NHS and social care.

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