Pauline Latham

Pauline Latham

Member of Parliament for Mid Derbyshire

Pauline Latham has been the MP for Mid Derbyshire since 2010, but has been active in local politics in the area since 1987 (having lived in the area since 1970). She served as a councillor on Derbyshire County Council and then Derby City Council – where she represented Oakwood – and later became Mayor of Derby.

Pauline takes a keen interest in health matters, particularly cancer and diabetes; she currently serves as Chairman of the Melanoma Task Force and is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Population Development and Reproductive Health (a group of cross-party MPs aiming to pursue a particular subject). She has worked hard to support local businesses, including mounting a successful campaign to protect a local pub from rent increases.

She has served as a member of the International Development Committee – which monitors the work of the Department for International Development, and tries to help end global poverty – and has been a leading campaigner on combatting elephant poaching.

She currently lives with her husband Derek within the constituency.

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