John Howell

John Howell

Member of Parliament for Henley

John became the Member of Parliament for the Henley constituency following a stunning by-election victory in June 2008. Since then John has worked hard for the redevelopment of Townlands Hospital in Henley. 

He has also started a major new project designed to help with issues surrounding traffic. He has gathered together representatives of communities with major traffic concerns to share information and to develop a common, localist approach to the next Local Transport Plan. In Goring, he has enthusiastically supported the redevelopment of the station to accommodate lifts as part of step free access.

In Whitchurch, he has held meetings with the Whitchurch Bridge Company to hold them to account in finishing the repair work to the bridge as quickly as possible. In Thame he has taken up the cause of a block of flats deprived of a lift and has supported the neighborhood plan. He actively supports Neighborhood Plans throughout the constituency. He is supportive of local democracy.

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