Kevin Hollinrake

Kevin Hollinrake

Member of Parliament for Thirsk and Malton

As a local man, born and brought up in Easingwold, I feel that I am well placed to understand the needs and nature of the people of the Thirsk & Malton constituency

My experiences as a school governor at Easingwold, where my children go to school, give me a clear insight into what we need to do to improve our local schools and the results and life chances for local children

I have been in business for over twenty-two years, co-founding Hunters in York in 1992 and building it into a significant national enterprise. I believe that my business experience will have value in parliament but also help and support local businesses start and flourish in our area.

Most of all, I, like many of you, would like to see the world become a fairer place, with equal opportunity for all and a fair deal for those who work hard and want to do their best for their families. How do we achieve that? We need to make work pay, improve education for all, support local business and get a fairer deal from central government in terms of investment into our region.
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