Cheryl Gillan

Member of Parliament for Chesham and Amersham

From a background in marketing, law and international management, Cheryl became the youngest Conservative woman MP in 1992 and was a front bench spokesman for 20 years, covering a wide range of very detailed policy areas, nationally, internationally and in the regions.

Cheryl has held several international offices with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and most recently the Council of Europe. She has served as a member of the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC). She has close links with several charities in her constituency, including those working with people with epilepsy, voluntary groups like the Rotarians and a young people’s theatre group.

Cheryl is a trustee of the Parliament Choir.


Steering the first disability-specific Private Member’s Bill into law as the Autism Act in 2009. Cheryl retains a keen interest in ensuring that people of all ages with autism have the help and support they need.

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